Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Preparing for Halloween 2012

I know, it seems like a very long time away but truly, it's just 9 more months! That will go by very fast and as I don't like to drop a lot of money just before, I prefer to keep an eye out on special deals for odd kind of props or things that the stores are wanting to get rid of.
By now, most of the local stores have gotten rid of their Halloween items. I was able to pick up over 100 gift bags that were on sale for a nickel apiece I believe I paid. Yes, mere pennies!  You know they lost out on that deal! I was like wow! They were really nice bags, tall and thick kind of paper too. I plan on using them for the extras that I give away this year instead of having a bowl or box for the kids to sort through which is very tedious and time consuming and keeps them at my house longer than necessary and many don't bother with it or if we are too busy, we can forget to remind them to stop by and pick something out.
So to help things along, I plan on having all these bags set up and filled with different things and that way, the kids can just take a bag and go. Much, much easier!

What will be in them? Well I was thinking of making cupcakes and putting them into those cupcake cardboard boxes and then place a few trinkets inside each bag, a glow stick or pixie stick or something like that. Something fun! Several fun things actually!
The bags I can set up ahead of time with the trinkets inside them and then the cupcakes, I'll bake them a couple days before and decorate them all the day before. Kroger was the store that had the bags on sale. I was so excited and bought every one they had! I plan on looking for more of those bags after each holiday that are kinda plain that I might be able to use for Halloween.

Onward to props! I keep an eye out for things that seem like a good deal to me on ebay. I tend not to bid too high but sometimes, some things never get bid on and you can get them at the lowest bid asked for! You'd be surprised! Just be careful about the shipping prices as many places can say they are selling something for 5 dollars but when you look at the shipping of $16 and add that in, then you are looking at $21! Outrageous and kinda sneaky too if you ask me.

So what have I picked up so far? I was able to pick up some skull driveway markers/lawn stakes that light up. I got them on ebay for $9.99 each for a set of 5 in each box and I picked up 4 boxes. It was a pretty good deal as I have not seen these anywhere else.

I've also picked up the thrashing mummy that Improvements Catalog is selling and I really like him alot! I plan on doing an Egyptian corner in my daughter's fairy garden. So now I will be on the lookout for some scarabs and already found some plastic dung beetles that will look really good and may see about getting some bulk snakes. The only thing left would be some of those canopic jars. I'd love to make them and hand paint them too! That would be so much fun! I am not sure how to make them as of yet unless I just purchase some cheap clay pots or vases and then go from there. It should be a fun project however if I get the urge to do so.

Doesn't he look creepy?! Yipes!

I also picked up a couple headstones from Improvements Catalog that has fiber optic lighting in them. They look really cool!
My cat Misty, aka: Princess Roo couldn't resist checking them out! You should too! These are not the flimsy styrofoam types but heavy duty and thick gravestones!

Plus, I purchased several spider web shepherd hooks and again, I was able to get everything on sale and discounted greatly!! It's really the best way to go!

Spider Web Shepherd's Hooks on Sale!

So keep an eye out on ebay or other stores that might have some of the Halloween stuff kinda hidden away on their clearance sections.
You never know the treasures you may find!
*Bugs n Hisses*