Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lord Grimley's Manor

While looking through ebay for Halloween items, I came across these cds that really looked interesting:

As I am starting to save some Halloween decorations and gathering a few unique items to use in my own haunt one day and possibly to be used in my home haunt setup now, I came across these cds that are just full of some very unique tracks! I couldn't resist them!

I had already ordered a special FX dvd last year entitled: Tombstones and you can find it here:
This is really great for my projections as I am wanting to set up a projector in my graveyard and then project this on a blank tombstone. I didn't get to set it up last year but I am going to see if I am able to this year.

I purchased several DVDs from Lord Grimley in fact as his video projections are just really cool!
Check out Creepy Crawlies 2!

I thought these would be great to project behind my thrashing mummy in the Egyptian area. I could also use it elsewhere later on down the line.
Of course, after I saw how great this one was, I had to order these other three!
Blood Walls:

Tricks and Treats:

and of course....Zombie Invasion!

Now I am not one normally for the blood stuff but that video is really great! The Zombie one is a no-brainer..oops sorry for that bad pun! LOL But I couldn't resist that one! And then the Tricks and Treats one would be cute for Halloween Night itself.

You can find all of these hauntingly creepy treasures at Lord Grimley's site:
He has a whole host of other great special FX dvds and masks, costumes, accessories, makeup and props and more! Just a great assortment of very unique and interesting things to choose from!!
Thank you Lord Grimley and to your minions for the little creepy surprises too! :)
Bugs n Hisses,