Thursday, July 18, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Arch--Made by: The Lights on Neff Circle

As some of you know, I often go peeking around the internet and looking for unique ideas and creative projects that others have done for Halloween. I follow quite a few people who are just Halloween nuts like myself. 
I recently saw this posted about on Facebook and I have to say it really looks cool. But then, it led me of course to another who made one of these a couple years ago and I just had to say WOW and I wanted to be sure and share it with you all!!
So unique and simply awesome! This one even has included a light show with it! Just utterly fantastic! Be sure and check it out: his Facebook photos: Lights on Neff Circle as well as his incredible light show on Youtube:

Simply amazing, eh?! Love it! I can just imagine the kids' faces to go under that jack o'lantern arch and with it all lit up! :) Just spectacular! Of course the screen is a nice effect with the video projection tho' the screen would be difficult in that spot on Halloween night to have kids coming up to the front door. But would be very cool even if dropped back onto the window.

If you check out his facebook, he has pics up on his photo albums, the Jack O'Lantern Arch Album, that shows how he put it together. :) Also, be sure and follow The Lights on Neffs Circle on Facebook for all the really creative Halloween ideas!

Thank you for letting me share this here on
Under The Crooked Hat blog! :)

Just a very creative and unique idea! :) Well done!

Bugs N Hisses,


More Props Coming In

I just wanted to post about a few more props that came in that I picked up from ebay:
This cute ground breaking ghost that lights up! You can find him on ebay and also on Collections Etc and in fact, even on Amazon! :) He is smaller than you think, but he's very cute! I thought he would make a nice addition to the pumpkin patch out back for the kids! :)


I also picked up this cute little jack o'lantern from ebay as I want to have all sizes for the pumpkin patch:
He reminded me of Pumpkin Teeth! And reminded me that I need to get busy carving too and add more of the Pumpkin Teeth I had purchased a few months ago to some of the new pumpkins! :) I also found this great vid on Youtube showing how to carve those Funkin Pumpkins with a dremel tool!!

This led me to more how-to vids and one caught my eye of Pumpkin Corpsing!

You can really find some great how-to videos on Youtube and they can give you some great ideas!!

I also picked up this really cool looking ground breaker fogger ghoul! Wretched Ghoul! And he came with a fog machine! Love it! I got this on sale too for a really great price and what makes him even more unique is that he turns his head side to side! Very cool! When I opened the box tho', he seems to be missing some hair! Has this few tiny wisps attached with Velcro? and it's like one of these 3 hair comb-overs? LMAO Poor thing.  I may have to pick him up some more hair or just be sure the white spooky cloth covers enough to give him the appearance of more...or just let him be! I have not put him together yet, but will after my trip next month.

I also bought these three reaper guys that lights up and changes color and they look like they will be cool  tho' again, I have not put them together yet but saw them on ebay and I thought they would look creepy amongst the pumpkins/jack o'lanterns possibly in the backyard.

Be on the lookout for sales right now in the Halloween stores and sites as they are clearing out the old to make room for the new items so you can get some nice deals. Spirit Halloween has been having some sales as well as the other sites so do keep a lookout for some nice savings!

Unfortunately, I can't spend too much money at this time as I am about to take off on a 3 week grand trip to the UK & Paris. I hope to get a tour in Highgate Cemetery and if so, I will definitely get some pics and share them here with you!  Already, just from their site alone, I have gotten a ton of ideas for tombstones and my own haunt one day! :) Take a peek over there at their site, highlighted in neon green in this paragraph!! (Remember that all links I put up will be highlighted in neon green for you to find them easier)

Once I do return, I will be working on my tombstones and carving out the letters and putting new fronts on them. I'll blog about the process and what I learned from the Davis Graveyard class I attended at HAuNTcon! :) They are a very talented group!!I know I owe you a post about that yet! :) Been crazy busy here in trying to get things ready to take off. But! I promise more to come when I get back for sure! I'll also be blogging about the process of turning my garage into the Haunted Cave.
So check back or friend or follow me on Facebook for the latest updates and tons of pics over there of many of my props!

Bugs N Hisses,