Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WOWindow Posters

If you have not yet seen these window posters, you really need to check them out!

I picked up some of these a few years ago and was so pleased with how they come out that I had to get some more! 
While at a Halloween convention, I was able to meet some of the people who work at WOWindow Posters as I visited their booth and told them what sort of home haunt I put together and how much I just love their posters! They were so nice. :)

This year, they have new skulls to make it look like your house is filled with them like in the catacombs in Paris or Edinburgh! I was so excited that I had just had to order them!

How these work is that you tape them up in your windows on the inside and then leave a light on at night and they light up/glow! The light illuminates them from behind and they seem to just come alive! You can also use a strobe light behind them and make them really pop!
I thought they were really great! I have several of them and like the zombie ones with the orange background? When the sun shines on them in the day, it makes my whole room just glow orange! It was really cool.

What is also nice about these posters is that they are made of plastic and so you can just take them down and use them again next year.

Take a peek at them on their site and choose your favorite. You can also get them at Oriental Trading, Spirit Halloween and many other stores!