Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Haunted Mansion

I recently watched Disney's Haunted Mansion again.
This stars Eddie Murphy and he brings his great wit and humor to the movie and breathes to life into the Haunted Mansion itself.
This is based on Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.
Great opening with the castle becoming a haunted mansion and included in the movie are parts of the actual ride at Disney. If you listen close, you can hear some of the background music from the ride as well.
I loved the open masquerade party!
The swamp atmosphere is really cool, taking place in Louisiana.

It was a cute way to bring the story up to date.

The sets are very detailed in this movie. Just a gorgeous house! Pictures very much like the lenticulars, the singing grim grinning ghost busts are just like the ride, including one of the faces being of Walt Disney himself! Madame Leota from the ride, Jennifer Tilly plays her. The three hitchhiking ghosts even make an appearance! As the butler, Ramsley, Terence Stamp...was really great! The guy who was in the movie, The Princess Bride, Wallace Shawn, who coined the word "Inconceivable!", is in this movie as well and acts just like the same guy in Princess Bride.

Eddie's humor is really funny throughout the movie and does not disappoint! His facial expressions are classic!
This movie is just a great classic! I absolutely loved it and it is very kid friendly!
I won't say more as the story is wonderful and I don't want to ruin it for you. It's definitely a must see!
Be sure and watch after the credits for a little bonus

Real ghost stories from the haunted mansion

One of the stories of the haunted mansion


Secrets about Disney

A Few Changes and Additions

A lot has been going on since I last wrote. I do have more Monster of the Month videos to share with you and will be doing that soon.

I've been busy however as of late with setting up the move to Maine. I was waiting until we got back the appraisal to be sure this is a go before I start to pack up the garage haunt. As you know, it is going to be a huge task and I wanted to be sure we were definitely leaving before I did this.

The good news is that the place I am buying has a 5 bay/car garage! So you know 3-4 of those bays will be for my home haunt! :) I wanted to have one area for a workshop of course and oh yea, the car gets one too. Haha!

So that is huge!
Once there, I'll be setting up just one bay for now with pretty much the set up I have right now in this single one car garage. Barely a one car that is. The difference of course will be the side room here, I won't have that and the garage is deeper at the new place so the extra room will be moved to the back.
I want to set this up real quick for this year's Halloween, just in case I do get any trick or treaters and even if I don't, that's fine, this is more for me and family and friends at this point.

After this season is over, I'll begin working on a new front entrance but one that won't stick out and to where I can just close the garage door and that is that. It will be a crypt entrance, leading into the graveyard.  So as I start to extend the whole haunt and work on one area at a time, it will get improved upon over time. I am really looking forward to working on it and building this!

I'm also going to see about creating and making some really cool items for possible selling on an Etsy store. That's all in the future however at this time.

So new things here for this blog is that I've added a couple more link lists on the right hand side you may have noticed. One is for Haunt Conventions and Tours, listing some of the tours and conventions for haunters and those who love Halloween and are wanting to get or take tours through different attractions across the US. I have not gone to all of these, so bear in mind I don't know how good or bad they are. I can say HAuNTcon is my favorite thus far due to the classes you can take and learn how to make things and the bus tours are amazing not to mention everyone there I know is really super nice! Transworld Halloween Show is HUGE and it is more for the big boys--those who are professional haunters and it's harder to get in to see but if you are able to do so, DO SO! At least once! You won't regret it as they have some amazing props and so much on display to see! Loved it! I haven't been to the others as of yet but have heard some good things of them.
Another list I put up is Haunt Shopping. If you are into Halloween as much as I am, don't let that scare you away.
But take a peek there if you are wanting some really cool props. I've gone thru that link list and pulled up each site and they have some really great, creative items in there. Plus, if you are thinking of going pro, there are links there to help you including one for Haunt insurance. Yep, you need that if you are going professional, trust me on that.

I've also edited the Haunts in DFW area, and I'm making that Haunts I can recommend that I have gone thru. I have  A LOT to add to this list as well. I'll be working on that one and removing those I wasn't impressed with.

I also added a link for a site for finding haunts, that you can buy tickets to those attractions.

I've added a bit more to the media, a few links there as well, one is for HauntWorld where I got many links from their magazine, if you don't have it, you should get it, they are awesome!

I do have a few links I repeated from the Halloween Shopping to the Haunt Shopping, only because they are for both sides of the fence and there are some in the Halloween Shopping area that is also good for Haunts so please do check out both lists. I'll be going thru more to make sure they do work and are still intact.

So for now, I hope you all are enjoying your spring. I'll be posting more Monster of the Month videos coming up and more about HAuNTcon. Once I get settled into my new place, I'll be sharing the build there as to what we are doing and how we are setting it up.  We move up first weekend of June! Exciting!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Walking Dead - Season 6 Finale - Spoilers

This show has been around now for a full 6 seasons worth. It had been out several years and I had not watched it as I had missed the first few episodes and I didn't want to see it in the middle but rather start to watch it from the beginning.
The Walking Dead is about a zombie apocalypse. Some sort of air-borne disease that infects everyone so that when you die, it turns part of your brain back on and you become a zombie wanting to feast on the flesh of the living. What you were before is gone, you only want to feast on live flesh. This is so not for kids!
It is mostly based on a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. It focuses mostly around a police officer Rick Grimes, his family and other survivors that they encounter or that the show introduces you to. It shows you how they learn the skills needed to survive in such a world to where society as a whole has fallen. They quickly realize that they have more to fear from those still alive than the dead 'walkers' wandering about. Lots of violence, cruelty,  and gore, it's just a really brutal of a show and you realize not everyone is really all they seem to be. You see a lot of character development as well as the degradation of humanity itself and yet, there are beacons of hope mixed in. Many friends could not believe that 'I' of all people, was not watching this show. My friend John Adams had nicknamed me the "Halloween Queen" a few years ago after learning of my love of this holiday. Now I am not the only Halloween Queen, there are many other wild and crazy women who are as cuckoo for Halloween as I am and have taken on that title as well.
I was never a big zombie fan. I remember watching the Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead and just found it a bit goofy and I much preferred some of the other classic horror monsters.
But, finally, a couple years ago, I got curious enough to see what all the hubbub was about and I was able to watch The Walking Dead from the start. I had it in my mind that I'd watch the first one, maybe two episodes and if I didn't like it, then I wouldn't bother.
As my friend Robert Johnson told me when I started to watch it, don't get too stuck on any character because you just don't know who may die or be killed.
Well, I was hooked from the first one! I watched and caught all the way up to the current season with my son and then I rewatched it all again with his dad!
I will say again that this show is NOT for kids. It's very raw, bloody, gory, and downright gruesome! Not to mention the violence and adult situations right off the bat. It maintains that whole slaughterhouse type atmosphere with zombies eating everything from kids to animals. It's pretty gross and gnarly.
So with that in mind, you can't be squeamish to watch this. And did I mention the season cliffhangers? Oh yea...they will have you on the edge of your seat! Cringing and recoiling and maybe even hiding under the blankets! We sit and watch it the week after on the DVR normally with dinner but that's just me. :)
I had to finally write about this show however on this blog after seeing the season 6 finale last night.
So SPOILER ALERT on the rest of this post!
If you watched last night, the question left on everyone's mind is who did the new character of Negan kill with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat nicknamed Lucille?
There they were....knelt in a line while Negan does the whole kid rhyme of "Eenie, meenie, minie..." The problem is that he didn't do that right. Didn't go in order of them kneeling and didn't point at each one for each word and some they didn't show who he was pointing at so you can't go by the rhyme at all nor how they were knelt. So that leaves you guessing and not so easy to reason out with knowing the sing-song rhyme.
Well who can we remove from the list of possible victims with logic and reasoning?
Carol and Morgan right away, as they are over with the new group, The Kingdom. So it's not them.
Not anyone of course at Alexandria.
None of those are there at all.
So we are left with those who were knelt there:

Rick, Daryl, Michone, Carl, Eugene, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn, Rosita, Aaron, and Sasha.
Deduction of course tells us that it's not the following for these reasons:
Rick---Negan says to feed Carl's last eyeball to Rick if he moves.
Carl---Same reason as above
Rosita, Sasha, Michone, Maggie--Safe bet to remove all the women as Negan doesn't kill women according to the comic. This isn't 100% as we know the show does not follow the comics but how this went down, it was doubtful it was any of the women.
That leaves Daryl, Eugene, Aaron, Abraham, and Glenn.
If they do follow the comic book, it is suppose to be Glenn.
The character of Daryl does not exist in the comics.
But looking at these 5 men that are left, this is my theory on them:
Eugene does not appear to be a threat to Negan and although Eugene's character has come full circle and now recognized as being more capable and strong, he comes off to not be that strong as he was already visibly upset knelt there and showing his emotions. If he were to get bumped off, it would make the others get more pissed off and want to fight more.

Negan is about fear. Wanting these characters to fear him. He wants to instill it so that they do his bidding.
Aaron does not seem to be a threat at all. And if Negan were to kill him, I doubt we'd have the women screaming that loud. Still a brutal death, but Aaron is more expendable and wouldn't make too much an impact.
Daryl is already hurting and although yea, he is a great marksman with his crossbow and a good fighter, he's incapacitated right now and of no real threat to Negan at the moment. So I doubt it is Daryl. If he were chosen, it would be because of how much trouble he's been to these guys as he blew up several of them on the road. But, I don't think so as he is a hurt puppy knelt there and it wouldn't mean a lot to Negan to take him out in front of the others in such a way, it wouldn't instill fear.
That leaves Glenn and Abraham.
So I thought about this and recall what Negan says as he is beating the crap out of the person knelt there. How they took it like a 'trooper'. I believe if he hit Glenn with Lucille the baseball bat, Glenn would have gotten knocked into next year with one blow. Plus the screams would have been more shrill coming from Maggie.
When you watch, the only one not kneeling back with butt to heel is Abraham who also in fact, leans up towards Negan as if to dare him to hit him. He is showing no fear and is one big guy. It would stand then that Negan clubs Abraham who would not recoil at all, but 'take it like a trooper'. It would also take out one big strength of Rick's group in Negan's eyes. 
Another case in point to this is that Abraham's character also came full circle and you realize this after his conversation with Sasha while driving the RV. That he is 'ready' to do what Maggie and Glenn have. Many stories/shows, including this one, seems to target or take out those characters that have come full circle and learned what they needed to in this new zombie filled world.
So that's my choice and unfortunately, we won't find out for sure until the next season premieres sometime in October!
Again, this is very brutal and nasty and not for kids.
If it is Abraham, it will be ashame as I always felt they underused his character. Time will tell!