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Monster Camp 2019--Intro

Monster Camp! 

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Did you ever sit and watch live Facebook videos or those on YouTube of people making really cool props and wish you could do that? It's one thing to follow along on someone's DIY video and try to figure out how  they did something or what they used or the measurements and you can't ask questions on the spot or as you go along unless you email them and then hard at times to hear back?

Don't have talent? Doesn't matter. Never sculpted or painted before? Doesn't matter. Nope, it doesn't. Can't draw or sketch? Nope, don't have to! As your weird and crazy imagination can run wild, or even pull from your own nightmares, you can get an idea as to what you'd like to make. And then yes, you too, can do it! You can make monsters!

It's so different to sit and watch compared to being there and doing it! So when the opportunity is there to go and jump in and learn from one of the masters, TAKE IT! :)

I've watched Allen Hopps on Haunter's Hangout for a couple years now doing live videos and I've seen just a few of his YouTube videos as well. Now he's awesome with telling you where to get things, about how much they are and all that. But still, he makes it look so easy sometimes you wonder where in the world do you even start?

"Go make stuff!" He will say. Oh man, a haunter's dream to be able to just go make stuff and to have a cool shop where everything is where it is handy and you have everything you need! It can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. 

Last year, Allen announced on Haunter's Hangout that he was going to have a Monster Camp! His first one was in June, inviting people to come to his workshop and learn how to make a half latex mask from start to finish, that's sculpt to paint! I didn't make it to that first one as it came up too fast but I wanted to do the next one that I could make it to.

His second one was in January and I quickly signed up for it and got in! A great time to escape Maine's winter for a few days and head to Texas. Luckily, I could use points for the flight and points for the hotel that is not too far from his place. Shannon, his wife made sure we got a nice itinerary so we knew what to expect and about a month out from the workshop, we were given instructions to find a set of pictures that we could draw our inspiration from. A nose from here, an ear there, color, assortment of pictures to get an idea as to what kind of monster we wanted to make.

I knew right off what I wanted to make! More on that later! ;)

I watched the weather so I knew what to bring clothes wise and made sure I brought an extra suitcase in which to bring back the mold as well as bubble wrap. For yes, not just the mask you are bringing home, but the mold and I later found out that it was the head form too!

Ok, so what do you get with Monster Camp?!
Mask you make
Mold for the mask
Head form you sculpted on
Rest of your clay
30 piece tool kit
AND! A cool green Stiltbeast Studios apron you wore during class!


I flew into DFW the day before camp was to start and took an Uber up to the hotel in Royce City, the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel is a nice one, felt new and the rooms were really comfortable and they have free breakfast each morning.

From there, the next morning, we were picked up in the Dark Hour van and brought to Allen's workshop at his and Shannon's home and Rob Cory was there to help us as well!

Shannon took meticulous care in planning out the menu according to not only the season for the time of year we were there in Texas, but also what we were doing for the day. Water and sweet tea was provided as well throughout the day.

After each day of complete focus on what we were to do for that day, we were taken back to the hotel. 

This ran from Friday to Sunday, just 3 days to make a half latex mask! Can it be done? YES! You bet! So it's a quick time out of your regular schedule to spend a fantastic weekend with some crazy new friends making monsters! Gotta love it!


When the camp was over, on Monday if you could stay, we were then given a lights on tour of Dark Hour Haunted House located in Plano as well as a tour of Bity Mold Supply store! Bonus!

This was just an enormous amount of fun! To be able to spend a few days with a group of people with like minds and make monsters was so great!  We laughed, I cried tears of joy and happiness to be there in my element and to see my creation come alive! 

If you are ever on the fence or want to have a really great time making monsters, don't miss out on Monster Camp! This is a chance of a lifetime to be able to spend this time with someone who is talented and yet humble and gracious and generous with his knowledge and opening up his home and workshop so that he can share his passion for making monsters with YOU! I came all the way from Maine for it, it was well worth the trip and I would love to come down off my mountain and do it again sometime! It sells out quick tho', so be sure you register when next he has a Monster Camp date set.

So just what did I make?  Heh heh....well, on the following blog posts to come, I'll be going over each day of Monster Camp as well as talking about what I chose to make and how I came about to make it with the elements I put into it. 

So stay tuned! More to come!

*Bugs n Hisses*


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