Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Jack O'Lanterns!

I got it into my head to set up a really cool looking pumpkin/jack o'lantern patch for this coming Halloween. So I began to scour ebay to see what kind of deals I might be able to get as well as searching through
Ebay is normally where I go looking for bargains tho' you have to be careful as people can ask for outrageous pricing for their stuff!

So I picked up a few that I found that seemed to be reasonably priced to me. A few of them have slight flaws however but that's ok!

The first here has a very hard shell and there is no opening for an electrical cord in the back so it looks like I would have to slide a pumpkin light, a small one or a battery tea-light inside it's mouth. Still, it looks really cool! I could drill a hole in it but I'd rather not do that so I do have a small flickering light, battery operated, just for jack o'lanterns that I will use. I got this one from ebay seller: want-it-back

The next one, is this one here that looks like a squash. I loved it as I have been on the lookout for odd and different looking jack o'lanterns. Tho' this one has a happy face on it, still, it looks neat. It does have one little scrape on the side but nothing really noticeable. It is electric however so that makes it nice. This one is from ebay seller: damel3

Third one I picked up is another electric one that is a skinny shaped one that looks like "Stretch", the one ghost uncle from the Caspar movie! I loved that movie! Wouldn't you just love to own Whipstaff, the mansion?! Nice! I'd love to get the other two uncles of course if I can ever find them or if they even made them? He does have a bigger flaw of a scrape on the side of him but I will probably color it in with an orange sharpie. It is from ebay seller: andyjandy 

The last item I picked up from ebay is this stack of jack o'lanterns! They look really cool and are electric as well. I like how they look all smushed from each other! I wanted to give some depth and height to the pumpkin/jack o'lantern patch although these are a lot smaller than I had hoped for. Still, I thought these would do the trick as well as putting some of the others on the small hay bales I have and I do have one metal figure that you place a pumpkin on top for it's head. Aren't they cute? I got them from ebay seller: captiansparrow He packaged them up very nice and secure!

I plan to create the patch for in front of the Hallowindow but I am not sure if it might be too distracting. If it is, I will move these guys to the back yard with the Halloween Haunted blow-up train. I do want to get the patch out of the graveyard for sure tho', where I had them this past Halloween, and really creepify my graveyard this year. I'll be enclosing it more and using my xmas comet light box to have the spotlights fade from one color to the next and use lots more fog and also fill in the graveyard with more tombstones. I was also thinking of using more spooky material but we'll see how it goes.
I do want to get some fake boards for the windows as well to give the house a more haunted look. I'll also be working on the Egyptian corner this summer. So lots n lots to do!

I got asked recently how do I manage to find the time or energy for it all? Well, I do start early and my mind is always going with thinking up ideas and going over & analyzing what worked and what did not work from the year before. I keep trying to improve on things and once I get it down to where things went smoothly, I'll continue that part of it every time then, for example, the black light in the cave...that is just really awesome! So I continue that each year.

I'll be utilizing that cement I have left too and make some tombstones and those Egyptian slabs and see if my daughter might like to paint hieroglyphics on the sides of it! I am still trying to see it in my mind how to make my own sarcophagus, at least the head portion of it. I may utilize the tiki man face mold and build off that. 

Will be great fun to create it all!

Well I have two more pumpkins/jack o'lanterns coming yet and I'll show you them when I get them both in. They are from ebay again. I'll probably lay off the jack o'lanterns for now and start to focus on tombstones in the coming months.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New OBOD Site!

Check out the new (OBOD) Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids website! Spectacular update and new look! It has a much more warm and welcoming and friendly feeling to it, very spiritual and earthy!
Nice job Damh the Bard and everyone who had a hand in the facelift!