Saturday, August 18, 2012

Attack of the Zombie Gnomes!!

Dun-dun-dun! Look out! Here comes the zombie gnomes!!
Quick! Hide!
Here they come! Waddling and groaning to a neighborhood garden near you!!
These zombie gnomes are getting sold out fast! So don't waste anymore time in getting these scary guys! Creepify your garden!

Don't be surprised if the Ogres come out too, peeking up through the ground!

The top hiding gnome was picked up from Collections, Etc, the two zombie gnomes you can pick up on ebay and this ogre above was from: What on Earth. Each of these figures/statues were well made, nicely detailed and excellent prices! Be careful with the green gnome as his price is increasing on ebay! He was a hard one to get!

Again, be careful with sizes on these things! The ogre is BIG! Be sure to get out your tape measure when a site lists the sizes on an item so you can always have an idea as to how big or small something is that you are ordering from the internet! Looks and pictures can be very deceiving!!

This is always such a fun time for me in ordering new Halloween stuff! :)

New Tombstone Props!

With under 75 days left until Halloween, these could not have arrived at a more perfect time!
Check out the new tombstones I've purchased below. These are all differently sized tombstones to help fill out the graveyard as it seemed to be a bit empty and not that creepy. I've set them all up together so you can get an idea of sizes.
Now these looked really cool in the pic online but it was hard to know just how big they really were as the site did not have any measurements. I got them for about $5 and so I thought, well, no matter how big or small, they look great! They look really old! Here's a close up:

And then I went and picked up these others:

Now, to give you an idea as to sizes of these three sets of tombstones:

Most of my tombstones are handmade from sheets of styrofoam that were roughly cut with a knife and then spray painted gray and handpainted epitaphs with black. I didn't really do anything fancy with them except for the Celtic Cross that I hand cut and then stamped on some celtic knotwork. It didn't come out too well but it only added to the aged look too.

I didn't like to have too many tombstones in my graveyard as many kids like to go in there and take pics. But I've slowly been adding things to it and making it more full. These show in the pictures here in this blog post, I scouted the internet for and bought them. I decided this year I will probably enclose the graveyard with some more fencing and filling in with more tombstones. I realized most of my tombstones were about the same size so it was good that I picked up smaller ones so I can mix them up. I'd really like to pick up a few of the more odd shaped ones too, an obelisk or such. Time and money is needed for those! I'd love to make them too and looking for a good styrofoam cutter. I've looked up a few vids on how-tos and it doesn't look so bad.
Eventually, I'll redo most of my old ones.

The one tombstone I bought, is a 3 in one, nesting/stacking set, take a peek:

I also finally broke down and picked up a cross tombstone, something more gothic looking.

I need a few more. I do have the cheap Celtic cross tombstone that everyone probably has too. So these are the recent ones anyway! Once the whole graveyard goes up, I'll put together some pics of those. I've gotten alot more props in here recently. Most of these I picked up from either Ebay, or Collections Etc.
Collections Etc really has some great deals and cheap prices for decorations and different type of household and garden things. Some of the tombstones I also picked up from Amazon. I absolutely adore Amazon and pick up some great things there and if you are part of their Amazon Prime, (paying a fee once a year for membership) then your shipping for many items that are offered as Prime, is FREE! Free shipping is awesome AND! you can get the item usually in just 2 days! It's so fast! I love it!

You can really get some great deals if you keep an eye out after Halloween and even all year long! Stores/vendors are always looking to get rid of the old to make way for the new stock.

More to come!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free n Fun Halloween Stuff

Check it out! From Oriental Trading Company!

Along with all their great deals (I just placed a nice order for a few things), they have on their site some free things for Halloween!

Don't miss out on these from Pumpkin Stencils to Coloring pictures to Recipes!

Gotta love it!!

Click here:
Free and Fun Halloween