Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mad Monster Party with Boris Karloff

I had not heard of this 1967 Halloween movie before until I went looking for Disney's DTV with all the 80's rock music videos on YouTube:

You can imagine my delighted surprise to find this and so I ordered it from Amazon right off!
Seeing as how it had Boris Karloff in it, I could not resist! He plays Baron Frankenstein.
To note, it also has Phyllis Diller in it!! BONUS! She is the Frankenstein's monster's wife!

What is funny is the nephew of Baron Frankenstein, Felix's voice sounds like Jimmy Stewart! Some of it reminds me of when Jimmy played in Harvey. I just had to laugh!
Yetch's voice is an imitation of Peter Lorre's!

But, the voices of Felix Flankin, Yetch, Dracula, Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Chef Machiavelli, Captain, First Mate, Mr. Kronkite, Mail Man, and The Monster, are all the talents of Allen Swift.

This movie is another Rankin/Bass production, the same who had brought us Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and many others! It is the stop motion animation that was just pure magic back in the day! Brilliant work!

There are a couple things in the movie I didn't care for personally, but I won ruin it if you have not seen it.

If you are a fan of these kinds of movies, you will most likely enjoy it!