Sunday, March 12, 2017

America's Most Haunted Village - 1: Amityville House

Leave it to the Bradford Exchange to once again put something out that caught my eye! 

Illuminated village houses of America's Most Haunted places! I was so excited to see these. I just started to collect them and wanted to share these with you so you can see how they look closer up. 
I am not lighting them up for the pics but you can see the detail in each one as I get them. I'll be showcasing them and including a bit of information on these locations. 

The Amityville House

I first read the book, The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson when I was a kid and I found it quite scary of a read. 
This book is based on a true story of a family who moved into this house in Amityville, NY on 112 Ocean Ave and all the creepy things that happened leading to the murders that occured. In the movie, the address was changed to 412 to confuse tourists. Believe it or not but as of last year, this house was for sale and a brave soul purchased it in November 2016. 

The house looks a bit different now as the iconic windows have been changed. But the basic shape and look of it remains.

When you do a search on this house and the story and murders that occured, you will get a lot of results.  Here is just one of the many:

I saw the movie as well and it was just as scary when it came out. It starred James Brolin and Margot Kidder and Rod Steiger. I'll do a review on that movie another time.

Some of the history can be found here:

 One of the classic horror novels and movies and location. I haven't visited this place yet but perhaps next time I am in that area, I'll snap a few pics.

You can find these houses at The Bradford Exchange: 

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Halloween 2016

As my first year here in Maine, Halloween was very quiet. 


I am located out in the boonies, the deep woods of northwest Maine at the end of a dirt and gravel road with 46 acres of woods. I did not advertise or anything as I was late in getting set up for Halloween for I wanted to put the haunted cave into one of the bays of the 5 car garage. Before I could set up however, I wanted to get that bay insulated so I would not have to remove or take down what I put up later on in the year.

So after a fast paced 2 days, we were able to put together the haunted cave. As we used a single bay, we opted to not set up the middle wall as it would have also taken more time to do that. Not everything got done as far as decorating but it went fairly well.

This year, I had decided to go with full sized candy bars. I normally do not do this but I also knew I was not expecting a lot of kids considering I just moved here and being out in the country. Plus, I also did not believe we had any kids on our road.

Our contractor who has been working on different things in the house and garage did come by with 4 of his kids and wife as he knew what we were doing and the kids were excited to see it.

I also managed to get the video projections going in the window above the garage but our contractor and his kids were the only ones to come by.

I was not disappointed however because I would rather have a regular building just for the haunt built before any crowds come up. He told me he would be putting together signs and getting the word out for me next year, but I am in no hurry. It will take a while to get settled in here and to set up. I was going to put the whole haunt into the 5 bay garage until I realized with all this land, we needed to put regular equipment in there instead and it would be better if I had a whole building just for the haunt. It's an exciting prospect although it will take me a few years to get that built as the house improvements take priority.

The leftover candy bars I had, I took to Hauntcon and gave them away on a Horror Movie Trivia game I played with the all the pre-show bus tour people. More on Hauntcon in another post. :)

Having 46 acres and mostly woods that is backed up to a stream, we have a 1 mile trail through there. At first thoughts of a haunted trail sounded like a possibility and then I was having issues with that idea as I didn't want to do that to the woods, then later, when I took a ride down the trail in our garden cart attached to the lawnmower, I changed my mind again. I began to look around at all the possibilities and I began to get excited! The ideas just poured from my brain as I passed spot after spot that I could make something of interest in one area or another.

So many plans, so little time!!

For now, enjoy the pics I have here of the quickie haunted cave. I'll also be posting of the new famous Haunted Houses that I began to collect from Bradford Exchange. More to come with props and trips and movie reviews and a whole host of things!

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