Monday, April 16, 2018

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies

Yea...I did watch this one.
All the notes I took on it are the following:
Yea...this was really bad. I mean really bad. All the stereotypes of the title you could think of is in there.
The premise:
Three young snowboarders find themselves in an epic battle for survival when a scientific experiment unleashes a horde of zombies and mutant wildlife in the Austrian Alps.
Well yes and no.
So there are these two older guys on the mountain who made some foul neon green toxic sludge that when put through this contraption, makes fake snow. They have a possible Russian investor there on site to demonstrate it to but he inadvertently gets sprayed into his mouth some of this concoction and of course, he turns into a zombie.
Even have some deer licking away at this foul stuff and of course, they too, become zombie animals attacking people.
The two young guys, one of them has a huge ego and goofs off, snowboarding down naked past a young girl and so thereby loses their sponsor and trudging down to the resort with the irritated girlfriend and seemingly un-phased male friend, they soon realize people are turning into zombies.
This whole thing was pretty far out there and it is described as a horror comedy but it wasn't really funny at all to me.
Except maybe for the very end, after the credits roll by. That had the one funny, chuckling moment. But the rest of the time you will not get back.
Not suitable for kids of course for many different reasons, complete due to the gore as the one lady decides to snow blow the zombies, chucking nastiness all over the place.
Yea. Ok, hopefully I just saved you from watching this one.