Friday, September 25, 2015

Wicked Black Widow Spiders! is not often you order something, especially a Halloween prop that when you get it, you are not at least a little disappointed in the size. Usually its always too small or smaller than you thought. 
It's really hard sometimes truly knowing until you get it.
Well, as most of you know, or not, I am planning on really spider webbing up the first main entry hallway to the haunted cave. I am planning on layering it with different medium and then inserting some really wicked spiders. 

Now the issue right off the bat is the spiders. I have several spiders but they are all one sided and have the bands/stripes of orange or green or purple. Not very realistic looking at all.

I wanted the wicked, scary long legged ones that just make you get creeped out, ya know? Good, real looking pure wickedness! Heh heh

So I began the hunt online. I wondered over to eBay and stumbled upon these spiders and checked the size and then ordered 10. They arrived in a box yesterday and I opened it up this morning and just drooled and oohed and aahhed over them! They are perfect!!! Just to give you an idea, I put my handed near one and even placed a quarter next to one too. 

I found these on ebay with Atomic Costume. You can find them here:


Don't get them there....I just saw them at Spirit Halloween store, believe it or not for.....$2.99!!! WOW! Just got 10 more!  They are the exact same ones! Love it!

These are awesome!! I have never been so happy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Black Magic Woman by Santana

I have looked to find a more 'Halloween' type of video for this song, but as I found this one, I thought this was just perfect with the bellydancer instead! :)


Thursday, September 3, 2015

DTV Monster Hits, 80s Halloween Special

For those of you who may remember this special, this is the one that really inspired me to begin to play a lot of the 1980s music for Halloween. Fun rock n roll songs that really touched on Halloween.
This was a cartoon special that Disney put out and I absolutely loved it!

Since then, I have begun to listen to many other songs that I feel they could have included with this set of songs. So I have included them in my own line up for Halloween and often play it during the day or while I am working on props to help get into the mood for Halloween.


*~Bugs n Hisses~*


Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs

Listening to some of my Halloween music, I came upon this one and it's just a cute, catchy tune!
Take a look at this vintage video from 1966! :) And very cute cartoons clipped in of Betty Boop. 

I love the older stuff! Great party songs!

*~Bugs n Hisses~*


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Headless Horseman by Bing Crosby

Classic tale by Washington Irving and made into a great cartoon classic for Halloween.
I love the songs on this and the animation was just outrageous! Just fun!
What they call 'vintage Halloween'. :) I have to agree!


~*Bugs n Hisses*~