Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday Present--Zombie Knife!

Thought I'd share one of my birthday presents from an Amazon gift card that I received. I love the Amazon gift cards as you can go shopping then and pick out something you would like from your huge wish list. Ok, so from my huge wish list! ;)
I saw this on Amazon and thought it was really cool!
Now you don't get to choose the color you want as its a random thing. So when you get it, it's a nice surprise.
So the color I got is....
Pretty cool!
The above was the front when you open it
and in the pic below is the back where you can see it has a little belt clip.
The blade isn't bad, a bit sharp and it's just a really neat looking straight edge with zombies printed on the handle. I have a couple knives and straight edges like that, this is the first zombie one however. I love them to help me open up all my Amazon boxes. :)