Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monster of the Month - October 2016

Believe it or not, I am starting to catch up to my Monster of the Month club!

This is for October and I have November here to open yet and December's is to arrive today! :)

We'll get all caught up tho', no worries!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one. A heads up on this one for my friend Richard! LMAO!

Oh and to let you all know what I've been up to, is preparing for....

In about 2 weeks, I'll be flying south with the geese all the way to Birmingham, Alabama for almost a whole week of Haunt Heaven! This is a Halloween and Haunter convention where people from all over the world, yes, my friends from Australia, Ireland, England as well as Panama and all over the US come together for tours of local haunts, hands on workshops, demos, classes, and to shop with some great vendors for all of your haunt needs! It's an amazing time! There is also a costume party that I am planning to attend if my costume that I am making comes out right! :)  So check out the link above and you'll see all the cool things you can do there!

I always have a great time!

I hope to blog about this year's event and I want to about last year as well, just so much to see and do! Crazy fun!

Until then, enjoy the latest Monster of the Month!

~*Bugs n Hisses*~


Monday, January 11, 2016

The Walking Dead - Yahtzee Game

Do you remember playing Yahtzee as a kid? It was always a lot of fun in my house. My mom was especially good at it as she was always good with dice.

 When I saw this one, I just couldn't resist it! The Walking Dead Yahtzee game! How fun that the zombie head is the cup you roll the dice from! Love it!

When I took it out and gripped the zombie head, I saw that my thumb fit right into the zombie's mouth! Just hysterical! There is also a surprise when you remove the scalp/skull cap of the zombie and I won't say what it is, will let you find out when you get it for yourself but I just laughed.

This is also not just a novelty item, but you can actually play Yahtzee with it. It comes with a pencil, score card sheets and dice, tho' the dice are kinda funky and there is an extra die too for a bonus game to play. The directions go over the bonus game as well for you and it's basically like a battle type of game with health points that you start out with. It sounds like fun!

I love the base of the cup, it's wide and so it will sit up nice and proper and not spill or tip over. These are the type of bases my dad always thought would be smarter to have on regular drinking glasses instead of all the narrow bases and wide tops. 

Everything will fit right inside the cup/head, dice, pencil, score sheets and yes, even the directions if you fold them up.

Definitely a great game for the whole family and can't beat it being The Walking Dead theme!

Have fun!