Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Monster of the Month--June 2015

Here it is! The Monster of the Month for June 2015!

It is very hard to surprise me and its one of the draws of The Monster of the Month club that Distortions has created as you just do not know what you will be getting each month.

I saw a quick peek of this one on Facebook by accident as I was scrolling by and someone had made a post asking if anyone else had gotten their Monster of the Month and he had a pic up of it. I winced and quickly scrolled past it so I wouldn't see, but I saw a glimpse. 

Still, this mask is very cool and it fit right over my head with ease. May's was a little snug when I tried it. I think it just depends on the opening of the neck. Also with May's, I know I would need to have my hair tucked into a wig cap as my hair is long so I was afraid it was gonna tug on me there if I tried to put that one on. June's however did slid right on over and I had lots of room inside and it was very easy to see as well. That is often a deterrent with masks is not being able to see but the slits are so well worked into this Alien mask that you don't notice them a lot and yet, you can see quite well.

This box was delivered by the Fedex man and I have to sign for it. I knew it was coming on Friday and when the box arrived, I ended up having a big long conversation with the delivery man about my Halloween display and then on about the land and how he has been delivering for years. I invited him back to the haunted cave this Halloween so he could come see what it looks like as he has only seen the outside as he passes by or was making a delivery.

Again, Distortions, thank you very much! I love this one! I have a feeling I will love them all! Although right now, I don't have an alien area but I have been planning on it at my next home for sure. I have even collected some alien babies and a foam bust of an alien as well as some real sounds of space. Plus, the stalactites I am working on will be eventually moved to the alien world I will end up creating. So this mask will definitely fit in with that whole theme!

I loved the drool on this mask, that was a great touch! Nice detailing of the mask and I loved the whole background of the Alien itself! Great imagination!

Thanks again!!

~*Bugs n Hisses*~


Friday, July 3, 2015

Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp

Sleepy Hollow

This is the Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.

A very intriguing beginning, nice and creepy scarecrow.
Now what I found to be such a surprise as I have not seen this movie in such a long time, was to realize all the different actors in this one!

Much to my delight was seeing Christopher Lee! His deep ominous voice was as always great!

The cornfields are always creepy!

Now take a look at all the stars who are in this movie:

This has a bit of a twist to the story, originally written by Washington Irving.

Ichabod is a constable, Johnny Depp who when you watch, you can't help but see some of Captain Jack Sparrow's mannerisms or is that perhaps Depp's mannerisms? But it was wild to see him devoid of any of the goofy pirate makeup. But make no mistake about his talents as an actor, he was great as always!

Check this movie out and see if you can spot Harry Potter's Uncle as well as another character from the Potter films, none other than Dumbledore!
And look and see if you can see the principal from Ferris Buehler who was also in Beetlejuice!
Plus, who else could play the Headless Hessian but Mr. Creepy himself, Christopher Walken! 
Such a bonus!

I really enjoyed watching this one again and being wowed by all the great actors!