Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Village, Jack Skeleton's House

I was looking through the Bradford Exchange and Hawthorne Village sites and had wanted to begin to collect some Halloween village houses as well as Christmas ones too. It was hard to choose from and decide on and we ended up with Rudolph's Xmas village and I also saw they had the Pirates of the Caribbean ships: The Black Pearl and Davy Jones' ship, The Flying Dutchman too! WOW! That was really exciting and I was able to get them both and envision placing these on a platform for a Halloween village in the harbor area and make it a complete pirate/Halloween theme! I thought it would be really neat! However, the few other pieces I had picked up at Michael's previously did not match in scale to the ones I had started to collect with the Bradford Exchange as you can see in a prior blog post, so I had returned Frankenstein's Castle. I had a hard time deciding on going for creepy or cute and funny. I lean more to the macabre and Poe style of Halloween so I was at a crossroads and standstill for the time being.

Then, as I was looking around on their site, I saw that they were offering the Nightmare Before Christmas village!! WOW! Very cool! Well I called them up as I did not want money taken out automatically from my account and was going to order the village. By the time I had done this, they came out with second type of Nightmare Before Christmas village!! A glow in the dark one!! OMG!
I thought that was really cool! So I talked with the girl to be sure they would have all the pieces and she let me know (this was last year mind you) that it was brand new and so yes, nothing was sold out, where as with the regular village, you could order it but there were some pieces to the collection that you could not get!! YIKES!

I was glad I had waited and so I put my order in for the glow in the dark set! Well it took months and months of delays before the first house finally arrived this February!! I was so excited as I was purchasing this set for my daughter who just loves Nightmare Before Christmas! Her first house is Jack's and it comes with Jack himself as well!! Check it out in the pictures below:

And here it is lit up in black light:

It comes with a lil black light for you too!! I was duly impressed!

Don't forget to call them if you don't want your credit card automatically charged and order it thru the mail! Here's their number again for you: 1-866-907-3607, that's their customer service line. :)