Saturday, October 29, 2016

Amarillo Scaregrounds

While surprising our friends at Moxley Manor, I had promised the owners, Vona and Joey and all the great people at Amarillo Scaregrounds that I would come over and visit. I've been wanting to see their haunt for quite some time now.
I had met these wild and crazy and fun people at Hauntcon, one of the Halloween and Haunter conventions and have hung out with them the past couple of years. These guys know how to party!
They have been running this multi-attraction haunt for quite some time and they are not finished yet! My daughter Madalyn and I drove over from Bedford (don't drive if you can help it, better to fly, the drive is long across the plains and prairies of Texas). We were very tired by the time we got there but we were excited to see our friends again and get to see their haunt for the first time ever.
Amarillo Scaregrounds has 5 attractions at one location! There is no order that you have to go in either so you can pick and choose which has the shortest lines. We had to go down to The Basement first as we heard about the coffin ride these guys BUILT! Oh yea, we had to experience this! Someone is there to help you in, now if you get out, is another thing! ;)
The Basement had some really great scares and detailed scenes. I loved the set up!
Right afterwards, we went right into the Blackout that is timed and I ended up losing my daughter, Madz who just zipped right through as she is great with figuring out mazes. My sense of direction isn't as top notch as her's so it took me a little bit longer. It was fun however as I could hear her catch up to the guys ahead of us and pass them up! Good job Madz!
The Insanitarium called to us next and we got to go in just two of us. Fewer is always better in a haunt. I won't give anything away, only that you gotta go in there! It was just awesome. Lots of wonderful detail!
After that we got right into the line for Terror and disappeared into the dark depths. This one was amazing as well! Again, I don't want give anything away but you will love it! 
We didn't make it to the Zombie Apocalypse Training Center, but that means we will definitely have to be back for another visit!
Amarillo Scaregrounds offers food and souvenirs there and they have the nicest porta-potties, ones you won't feel icky going into at all and it's like a regular bathroom! Very nice. Open patio and a place inside as well as real tombs and vaults and grave markers outside. This is a place you definitely want to return to again and again, bring your friends and enjoy yourself for a full night of fun, laughter and lots of chilling screams!
They have lots of specials going on too and for just $50, you can get an all night pass and go through each attraction as many times as you want!
If you are out there in the Amarillo area, you only have a couple nights left to check them out this season. It's well worth the trip out there to get your scare on!
Miss you guys and thank you for the great hospitality and loved hanging out with you all! Luv ya!
Thanks Josh for showing us sneak peek stuff behind the scenes and Joey and Vona for letting us help out and keeping us for a couple nights! Great to see you Mark, Herby, Elexi, Whitney and Jeff, we love y'all! It was great meeting those that we got to as well while we were there. I had so much fun reading tarot for you all long into the night! :) Will definitely have to come back down to visit again!
For more info:
Thanks guys for a great visit and for sharing your haunt with us! :)

Moxley Manor Adds Another Attraction!

I snuck down to Bedford, Texas a couple weeks ago to surprise my great haunter friends, Richard and Rachel Alvarado. I didn't say a word that my daughter and I were coming, we just showed up with some goodies in hand for one of our favorite haunts!
We had heard they had added another attraction to Moxley Manor and it's right next door! Very convenient and when you pay to go in Moxley, you get to go in both for the one price. We were so excited to check them out and see all the changes for they are famous for changing up things and adding all the time. So if you've gone before, you'd best go again because it's going to have something new!
We went in with a group of 3 little boys who were really scared and didn't want to go in by themselves. So I volunteered to take them in with my daughter and their mother was relieved that I'd go with them. We made them go first of course so we could take our time and check out all the awesome detail that has been added and I have to say I was floored! So much new detail and great scares in there, I was just so impressed!
There is a new ticket booth to get your tickets outside and it helps to streamline the whole process.
If that line is too long, its well worth paying for that VIP to get you to the front of the line!
The new scare....Pitch Dark...!
Oh get one glow stick per group and go inside the dark, black maze that has fog creeping along the walls and floors. Now, I have to say, it is rare for me to jump or get startled too much but it is very difficult to get through this attraction without jumping! Great scares in there and more to come as I heard what evil plans Richard and Rachel have in mind to add to that one!
Man o man, I know that means I will have to come back down and check it out again, all the way from Maine! We sure do miss them all at Moxley Manor and it was great getting to catch up!
Now, if you haven't gone yet, you have a few more nights left to check it out for this Halloween season. So get your behind over there and don't miss out!
For more info:
Check it out! You'll be damn glad you did!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dozen Tees

While visiting the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas, we came upon this really cool t-shirt store that had the one wall lit in black light of all these really cool 3D t-shirts that were aglow!
It was really cool!
Check them out online:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Baking Championship

I don't normally watch the Food network,  but one night, I was flipping thru the channels and saw these super creative Halloween desserts and food competitions and just had to stop and watch! 

How inspiring to make your own really cool Halloween foods! 

Check it out!

Here is the link for more info:

100 Years of Halloween

Something fun being passed about on Facebook that I wanted to add here so you all can take a peek at the Halloween history and what Halloween looked like the year/decade you were born.