Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sipping Spiders Through A Straw, Campfire Songs for Monsters

Lyrics by: Kelly Dipucchio & Pictures by: Gris Grimly

The title gotcha didn't it? It did me too when I was walking through the grocery store aisle with all the paper and office supplies, the books and magazine section and there in the bin, was this book. 
I had to pick it up and look thru it and I found myself just laughing as I sang along to the funny lyrics of famous campfire songs, changed to be more icky, creepy and oh yes, just fun, fun, fun!

I had to buy two of these in fact so I could send one off to friends. :) I added it to my collection of books that I would like to one day read/sing along with elementary kids when I am settled and can volunteer at the local school to come in and read for them during story time.

Some of the titles include:

Do Your Guts Hang Low?

Take Me Out To The Graveyard

Creepy, Creepy, Little Jar

and well, you get the picture! ;)

They are just wickedly great for Halloween and I just had to share!

~*~Bugs n Hisses~*~


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Been A While

Been a while since I've posted but I've not been idle by a long shot!
I moved from Texas to Delaware no less and on top of that, the area that I am using is a lot smaller. I went from a 2 car garage to barely a one car and my yard is smaller and I really don't have a backyard to use either!
So wow, talk about a challenge and having to downsize! 

The smaller garage also means that the gazebo won't fit in there so I will be framing out the garage using the pvc pipe I picked up from Spirit's display in their store. I didn't realize they sold those and at a discount price too after Halloween is over! This is something to definitely keep in mind after this year's Halloween is over! I picked up a hospital background that looked 3D! And I picked up all the pvc pipe and some plastic chainlink fencing they had as well as all the connectors for the pvc.

Speaking of Spirit, I received an email from them, prompting me to go to their site for a huge big sale. Remember me saying how all the Halloween stores tend to have these sales in the summer, in July especially, to get rid of old stock to make room for the new stuff! Well I went over to Spirit and I have to say I was disappointed after filling up my cart to see what the shipping costs were! Nearly as much as what the items were selling for! YIKES! So I emptied the cart after that and thought nope, I don't need it that much. Silly to pay for that expensive shipping. Once you start to make your own stuff, you realize there is a lot you can make that is better than the store bought. And don't get me wrong, I do like Spirit and they do have some really cool items but I was never impressed with the animated stuff, not by anyone really. I am pretty picky at this point and we are just learning to make our own things which last longer and you know how it was done so if something does go wrong with it, you can fix it easily. 

And speaking of fixing, our poor Cauldron Creep got battered during the move and he will definitely need some TLC as will the Time piece from the famed Davis Family tho' that fared better as we strapped the torso to the inside of the truck so it did not get bopped about. A few digs in the styrofoam but eh, nothing we can't fix with a little touch up paint and it will just add to the character of it. Maybe do some aging on those spots too. That is what is nice about some of the things you put outside like the tombstones, if they get dinged up, it's not a big deal. Nothing is meant to be perfect and you can easily use that ding for an enhancement instead of a detriment or flaw. 

Ok, I am also on Lloyd's behind to get that how-to on the Cauldron Creep written up so I can post it here for you all.  I have picked up some more props and other assorted items and will be posting those here as well as talking about Transworld and Hauntcon! Now that I am settled a bit more here in the house, I will be working on the garage and redoing things in there and I am just full of great ideas to start to build and implement to prepare for this Halloween! I can't wait! We had to get a second truck to move up the Halloween boxes from Texas, believe it or not! The boxes were put into the garage but we are going to move them all out to storage so we can build and not be having to move the boxes constantly. Just leave the pvc pipe and large items in there as well as the sheets for we'll need those and some of the black lighting. This garage has this small room off to the side, with bookshelves on the wall, so it looks like a nice workshop area so I am going to make that part the cave itself lit in blacklight and I will be framing it and making it look like a cave. :) Busy, busy in the coming weekends!

I will miss Moxley Manor Haunted House down there in Texas and all the great people who work there! I had a great time in volunteering and learned a lot and enjoyed making cupcakes each night for them! :) I hope to see them all at the conventions!

I have joined several Halloween Facebook groups and let me tell you, if you have Facebook, look up Halloween and you will find a lot of groups that show you how to make things yourself! Amazing, talented people who are so creative and it can spur you on and give you a lot of your own great ideas too! 

Well lightning and thunder here pretty close so going to shut down and quick grab some dinner!
Be looking for more from me soon!

~*Bugs n Hisses*~