Monday, July 2, 2012

On Sale Props from Seventh Avenue!

It's getting to be that time of year again! I've been snooping around the internet to take a peek for any Halloween props and decorations that might be going on sale. Only 121 days left til Halloween! That will go by very quickly!
This is about the time of year when stores are starting to discount and try to get rid of some of their old Halloween items to make room for the new!

Also in July, Cracker Barrel, the restaurant and country store, puts out their Halloween items so be sure and stop in there and get your early selections made and purchased before they are all gone! I'll be going down there this week/weekend to check it out.

Michael's craft store also usually starts to bring out their Halloween decorations about this time of year too, so keep an eye out!

Not to make a really bad pun, but this tombstone caught my eye as it's eyes follow you and light up and it makes some sound! It also came with a lil spider webbing and a small little skull fence.

 I was able to pick it up very cheaply from Seventh Avenue (check out their link to the right) along with some Christmas items that were on sale too!

Plus, I couldn't resist the bag of rats...
Unfortunately, this item did not come with batteries but I looked it up as to what type (cell batteries) and ordered some new ones from Amazon and expect them in on Thursday so I can try it out.

A few other fun items for Halloween I picked up, have not arrived yet.

Already thoughts and plans are being sorted out for this year's set up for Halloween! I know I do owe a nice tutorial on youtube yet for the Hallowindow and a full explanation and how-to here and I will get to that for sure this year!  I can't begin to say how many compliments I have received on the Hallowindow projections! I have a lot of work to do to organize and add to them as well this year. Many projects!

For now, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!