Sunday, December 13, 2015

Monster of the Month - September 2015

You just never know what you will get from Distortions Inc's Monster of the Month!
And this month, for September, was no different!

As with most people in the Haunt industry, whether you are a home haunter, professional haunter or a creater of all wonderful Haunt type of props and whatnot, once September hits, your time becomes less and less and shorter and shorter! There just are not enough hours in the day to get it all done and you think you never will get it done! It is just a crazy, manic time of year for us!

Some of the issues are because you see some of the other great ideas that other haunters have and the cool props they are building and making, your own list of what YOU want to do, just got that much longer! It's crazy! The wheels are spinning, smoke billowing out from the ideas burning around in your exaggeration!

We look at our own haunts and try to see ways we can improve upon them, add to, take away...etc.

So it is no big surprise that Distortions of all people, got behind in sending out their Monster of the Month. I could imagine how incredibly busy they were. 
I received September's in early November along with October's just a few days to a week after and then this past week, I received November's. I have not opened them up yet either. So I have two more to go that are waitin' on me. Next weekend, I'll be opening up October's. :)

For now however, enjoy this one! Sorry it is a bit dark, the sheet fell down there towards the end and made it darker. Next month, we'll have some better lighting and get closer up on the Monster! :)

~*Bugs n Hisses*~