Monday, February 19, 2018

Ghostbusters (2016)--Who Not To Call

Ghostbusters, Answer the Call.
This movie was a remake of the original  two without continuing on where the others left off story-wise and substituting the male scientists with female ones.
Bad language and not for kids as there are some sexual overtones and innuendos.

There are a lot of nods to the first two movies, same green ghost Slimer, but with his Mrs, a hearse as a repainted vehicle to 'bust ghosts' and you even see the same building being passed up due to it's expense for a spot over an Asian restaurant, to name but a few of the nods. This film even included many cameo performances by the actors, not the character's themselves, but the actors, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, and Ernie Hudson.

This whole plot is about a "...Paranormal researcher Abby Yates and physicist Erin Gilbert are trying to prove that ghosts exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann for help. Also joining the team is Patty Tolan, a lifelong New Yorker who knows the city inside and out. Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women prepare for an epic battle as more than 1,000 mischievous ghouls descend on Times Square. " (From IMDb: )

The trailers for this movie were so bad, it really made me not want to watch it at all. I had heard that Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd had wished they had not done the cameos afterall.
It was even more painful to see Chris Hemsworth play a character that was -that- stupid.

I did enjoy the nods to the original two movies and really liked seeing our beloved actors in it, but it was so sad to see this whole movie be this bad. I really wish they could have gone with what Dan and Harold were once working on for a 3rd installment instead. It was nice they had a "For Harold Ramis" at the end of this but I have a feeling he would have been very upset to have seen this version.
I don't like to put down a movie, but this is not one I will include in my collection.
RIP Harold Ramis, we miss you!

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