Friday, December 7, 2018

Belated Halloween Wishes and Update

I hope you all had a fantastic, spooky Halloween this year!
2018 sure has flown by super fast!
I've been sick for several weeks from a trip to San Antonio and it's taken me a while to get better.
BUT! I wanted to update some of the things we did this year.
Although I have gone from the 400 some odd trick or treaters to 5, I am good with that for now as I want to really expand and have something spectacular for people to come all the way out here to see.
That means my own haunt building but that will take me quite a lot of time to afford to do as owning your own home, there are always a ton of other things that have to take priority.
That being said however, I put out a lot more than I have the previous year as I am starting to go through the boxes I have had stashed in the garage. Many of which I still have not opened up at all yet as they are brand new from after Halloween deals.
This year however, we began to built a better entrance for the haunt that I have set up in Bay 5 of my 5 car garage. I do have to say it was a haphazard build and not really measured out too well which means it's crooked and all but you know how that always makes the haunt that much better! It was a start anyway in the front of the garage yet clearing the door so that we could open it up and there it was. Still using black sheets but that will change as I continue with that build next year to add doors and hope to get it all skinned with some Styrofoam and then sculpted as stone and painted or added wood planks for that old decaying and rotting look. I promise I'll post pics of that as I go along.  I also used wood instead of the pvc so it would be stronger and more sturdy. This will tie in for the middle wall so that I can create the route I prefer, a big U for the kids to go in on the right and come out on the left. It also encloses the area and creates the corridor that is narrow so you begin to touch on the claustrophobia and it really makes it a lot more creepy and I can do more with it. This will be a huge improvement for next year instead of the kids going in and coming out.
Picked up some corn stalks and tied them to the shepherd hooks that line my drive and have hanging solar lanterns. These will get changed to all green next year so it's more spooky and tie in better with my winter project.
I did experiment with building a trellis in my garden and grew some birdhouse gourds over it as well as cucumbers. I was hoping that when they died, the leftover vegetation would be nice and creepy but it just wasn't dense enough for me and there are tripping hazards in my garden so that was a no go. I may build some trellises outside of it but again, as the vines and leaves died back, it was much too open. I would have to definitely cover it more. So that's an idea I will put off to the side. It was build with the PVC I had from the other haunted caves interior.
We also got more tombstones out there but it was nowhere near to what I want to get out there nor not even a fraction of what I have in boxes. I really want to get a good cemetery fence going and of course, that means another build! It sure seems like I am starting from scratch in some ways.
Eventually, to start off the haunt, I'll be building a tarot house where I can use it as a front entrance for tarot readings, essential oil sales, and the AromaTouch Massage and then the entrance to a haunt from the back of that building. I hope to tie in things from there and use it as a gateway to each of those interests.
Before that however, I have a few things I need to have built, one being a front porch and then an overhang behind the garage.
Not to mention a greenhouse, garden shed and possible chicken coop and run.
Yea...lots n lots of stuff!
I need to get through the boxes however and start to slim down with what I won't be using and needing and storing what I want to use later for when I can expand.
For now, I have a nice winter project to do. :)
More on that later as I've already started it!

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