Friday, December 7, 2018

Van Helsing

Van Helsing

This movie starts out in black and white, taking you back to Transylvania, Romania, 1887 with the classic iconic Victor Frankenstein just bringing his monster to life.
Dracula is there to oversee and wait for his chance to take over and control the monster.
As Dracula attacks Frankenstein and kills him, the monster retaliates, throwing Dracula into the fire.
Monster takes his creator to the classic windmill as the villagers shown at the start who were storming the castle, give chase.

Dracula's brides give chase from there, upset as the windmill catches fire and burns down with Frankenstein and his creation within the fiery tomb.

1 year later in Paris
So enters Van Helsing....Hugh Jackman

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is shown amidst cool weapons and snappy one liners.

The Vatican, Rome
Bennie & the curator from the Mummy movies and he is also in Braveheart, actors: Kevin J. O'Connor and Erick Avari .
A funny friar guy similar to Q from James Bond movies with funny and unique inventions.
Nice crossbow! Great side kick for comic relief.

This movie has great effects but you have to turn up to hear the conversations and then down again during loud action sequences.
Dracula is a bit of a beatnick.

This is a fast paced movie with a not so typical ending.
There are no special scene after credits but the DVD has funny bloopers and extras, some great ones of the background stories.

Not recommended for the kids as there are sexual innuendos and gore.

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